‘There is a difference between being cheap and being smart with your money.’ – Arese Ugwu

This book is a sequel to the book, The Smart Money Woman’ by the same author. 

In this second book, the five friends have had life happen to them and are on the journey of overcoming them.

Zuri has gotten her act together in the real estate company she works at but this appears to be at a cost to her relationship. How does money and work affect our relationships? 

Tami is beginning to realize that being good at what you do does not necessarily make you profitable, and she makes attempts to figure out how to make things better for her and the business.

Adesuwa is dealing with the effects of financial infidelity in her marriage and the pressure to keep up appearances rather than to address the root cause. 

Ladun has moved from Riches to Rags, quite a shock for a woman with little ‘formal’ experience but does she have more to offer than she thinks?

Lara had only just recovered from the loss of her father and had managed to ‘successfully’ shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Now her mum is late and the company she works for is having difficulties paying salaries. But there are expectations on how Lara’s mother’s funeral must be done. Lara struggles to cope with the pressure of what and how things should be done in tandem with her money. 

These 5 women could be you, or someone you know. You may have felt the sting of being unfulfilled at work or in business or family. 

Whatever your story, the journey of these women gives hope and solutions on how the everyday African woman (and man) can begin to address the financial implications of everyday decisions. 

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