Frequently Asked Questions


After your payment, You will receive access immediately to the course you signed up for.

No, the system recognizes when a different person is logging in, and your access will be revoked permanently.

You can view in either with the same log-in

You have  lifetime access to every course you sign up for.

Our courses are taught mostly via videos, however some courses have pdf modules as well.

You will receive an email with a link to register and log in, when you sign up. You can then log in with your details.

The content in the academy is largely applicable to anyone from any country. We have clients who have registered for our courses and programs as far as Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Dubai, US, UK and of course Nigeria.  In some cases, some parts of specific courses may have tools that may be relevant to some countries and not all, however, the principle will apply to use and you ask about same to the instructor to find what might work for you.

Money Map Academy

A finance literacy organization, that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals struggling with their finances, so they can move from broke to more than enough.

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