‘‘Broke means, if you lost your primary source of income today, you cannot maintain your lifestyle.’ – Arese Ugwu

We find this book to be a classic read when it comes to financial literacy for an African woman. To us, it is in the leagues of rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason.

Why do we say so? Because unlike, many financial literacy books that could leave you feeling more confused and lost, this book does justice to breaking down financial concepts without using financial words. And for this reason, the book will continue to be a bestseller among young women (and men) for a long time.

The book shares the story of 5 friends, Zuri, Lara, Adesuwa, Tami, Ladun, and the mistakes they make as they try to make ends meet and build wealth for their future. Though this was not the plan, in the beginning, the girls get the wake-up call they need that changes their world.

It’s a journey many women can relate to, the pressure of cultural expectations, peer pressure to look and act a certain way, the financial abuse that can occur in relationships as well as other financial hardships that life throws your way.

The book takes you through the financial journeys of these ladies without the need to bring out a dictionary to understand the terms used!

At the end of each chapter in the book, there is a money lesson and simple exercises that one can take to personalize the lessons of the characters.

We strongly recommend this book to women of the new millennial who are interested in building a different kind of financial future, you cannot go wrong with it.

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