‘An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest.’ – Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to information on money and investing, it can feel like there is little or no information out there.

Truth is, there are not a lot of books on money on finance as you would probably find on novels and the like, but they exist but local and foreign. To kick-start the year, I want to share some of my favorite books I have on money and investing which can be found in Nigeria.

Nimi Akinkugbe’s book, the A-Z OF PERSONAL FINANCE is a very good read covering several topics on finances. She breaks down in simple terms some financial terms and what you need to do about it in your life P.S. she is writing another book on entrepreneurship oo that might prove very useful to you.

Arese Ugwu’s book, The SMART MONEY WOMAN  is another good book following the lives of friends and exploring their money behavior and journey to financial freedom. Each chapter has exercises that break down the steps down for you. Many women have found this book to be quite helpful in breaking the spending pattern and realizing the need to be financially independent. As a woman, you would find this an entertaining and enlightening book on money.

Our Invest for Wealth summit and workshop guest speaker, Tomie Balogun also has a book on investing from an INVESTMENT CLUB  perspective. It is a detailed book if you are seriously considering leveraging the power of many people’s money [note, I did not say other people’s money]. She talks about her journey going for an MBA and realizing she had little saved from several years working and how she and a few others decided to start investing together. 

Sola Adesakin’s book ’40 FRUGAL RULES FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM’ is another good read, journalling the highs and lows of how she found herself being in debt despite being an accountant. She shares simple ways she has made money, gotten out of debt and helped others to achieve same on the way to achieving financial freedom. She has other books on finances published as well. I love that she shows how you can be a ‘professional’ and still struggle with money. It sometimes goes beyond knowing the head knowledge and more into applied knowledge to impact your behavior. It is not always the devil! LOL. Now you understand why I am the Money Behaviour Strategist! 

Dipo Akinrinlade, one of my finance mentors, wrote a book ‘EVERYONE CANwhich I think is an apt name. He was instrumental to my financial liberation and his book can give you the peace you need to address your financial battles if you want to.  He challenges your thinking in simple thought-provoking questions and examples. I have seen many people have a new lease on life after reading this book. The truth really is, everyone can be financially free. Don’t believe me? Get the book!

THE RICHER WOMAN is a book by Omilola Oshikoya, one of the speakers at the Invest for Wealth Summit. It is a book chronicling her journey to being the richer woman, despite having a great job in the investment banking sector. But despite ‘all that money’, she struggled to find peace until she surrendered to a different way of thinking about how to be the ‘richer woman’.  The great thing about this book is, it can liberate you from the imbalance that comes with pursuing money at all costs and the temptations that come with it. If you are struggling with this or know someone who is, here is a book that can help you.

WHERE IS MY MONEY by Magnus Ekwunufe is a delight to read. I love how the author compares simple things to explain the concept o money and investing. Even more interesting is that he got titans like Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis Motors to share his life lessons and model on Investing. It is a book to have in your library. 

A recent addition to my collection will be RISK AND RETURN  by Yomi Jemibewon. It follows his return to Nigeria and how he started a company with other returnees’ and the lessons learned in business and investing. So many nuggets in this jewel. It will certainly expand your mind on what is possible and what happens in the world of finances. 

I just recently finished reading Udo Okonjo’s book REAL WOMEN INVEST IN REAL ESTATEIt was a good read and i like that she gave examples of personal and client’s experiences, both the good and the bad. She highlighted the issues that need to be addressed when investing in real estate and made a great case for women to invest in real estate. Despite this, it is a great book for anyone, male or female.

If you have young children or teenagers, you are not left out. I stumbled on Gbonjubola Sanni’s books on FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR KIDS VOL 1 & VOL 2! She also has a workbook and a Vision book too. These resources are in colourfull attractive formats that will interest your children, nieces, and nephews. Certainly a good gift for any occasion! And I bet you will learn a thing or two going through these materials yourself!

And of course, I cannot but mention my e-book, 21 TIPS TO MOVE YOU FROM BROKE TO MORE THAN ENOUGH. I address the subtle issues that stop us from investing and the less liked topics of how to approach investing because it does affect the quality of investment decisions you make. For a beginner, this is for you! To get an e copy, click HERE

But to get a hard copy book (because I like to hold my copy and write in it!) click HERE

So there are a lot of books you can read this year to improve your finances if you take the time. If you need help getting the books, send an email.

Do you have other authors on money and investing from Nigeria? Please share!

Tolu Dima-Okojie

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