Open a Stock Brokerage Account

Ready to Open an account? Start here but first, what you need to know

Step 1: Opening an account with any registered and licensed Stock brokering company in Nigeria is safe. More importantly, even if the stock brokering company you are opening an account were to close shop, there is no fear, because your account is actually at CSCS.

CSCS means Central Securities and Clearing System, look at it like having a BVN ‘account’ at CBN, so it doesn’t matter which bank helped you facilitate getting this BVN ‘account’; because your stocks are at the CBN*, which in this case is, CSCS.

Step 2: You need certain items to open an INDIVIDUAL account and they include:

-A valid government-approved means of identification. This could be your valid Driver’s license, your Bio page of your International Passport, your National Identity Card.

-You will need a utility bill for your current place of residence. Usually, an electricity or water bill showing your address is ideal. You could also use a Land Use Charge bill.

-You will need a passport photograph as well.

-Have your BVN number ready.

-Finally an electronic signature or physical sign-off

Open the stock account here

Finally, you need to give instructions to request for online access to your stock brokerage account, to enable you personally take buy or sell positions on stocks on their stock trading platform. The alternative is to send email instructions to the stock brokering company to, buy and sell stocks on your behalf.

To fill the stock brokerage application & Online access application form, please click HERE.

Once submitted, a brokerage account will be opened alongside an online profile created for you within 24-48hours of submitting the completed forms with the relevant documents. Your log-in details will be sent to the email in your form.

PLEASE NOTE: We will have NO ACCESS to your account.

Alternatively, if you prefer to fill out hard paper forms, please download same HERE.

Once done, please send both completed forms as well as all the required documents to: ne*******@gm***.com

If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out directly to us on ne*******@gm***.com

If you wish yo use a corporate account to represent your business, family or group of investors, a different form is required. Kindly send an email to receive these specific forms.

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