Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19 has certainly hit businesses badly; from the airline businesses to hospitality businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and recreational parks, to factories and admin offices. Almost no business is immune, except for a few industries that produce basic necessities like healthcare, and utilities (power and internet services).

The stock market, which is a reflection of businesses, and the larger environment these businesses play in, has responded to the pandemic, as seen in the downward trend of major stocks across all stock exchanges in the world.

It is likely that this action continues for a while, but like most things, there will be businesses that bounce back; others will adapt, some might fail altogether, though not immediately and there will be those that grow phenomenally. The gold is finding which one will bounce back and grow phenomenally.

As such, we are pleased to introduce Investment Map [I-MAP] to you, where you relate directly with experts in equity investments in the Nigerian stock market with over 20 years experiencing guiding high value clients in the industry.

However, you may need to be better informed through the process of knowing what to buy, when to buy and when to sell, more so that the stock market, has quite some risks attached to it. As seen weeks ago, many lost a significant part of the portfolio that is, IF they did not sell. Yet, this same event presents an opportunity if you have the stomach for the risk involved and funds to spare. It is not for the faint hearted.

In order to support your aspiration to invest in this asset class on your journey to being financially free, Moneymap brings you I-MAP, which provides you direct access to the experts, who are able to guide you through the potential opportunity in the equity market by providing timely information and guidance on various opportunities and threats relating to investments in shares of different companies and includes:

  1. Weekly Investment Round-up in simple to understand non-finance English!
  2. Timely information via email and the forum on investment opportunities and threats on stocks on the stock market local and abroad.
  3. Weekly Questions and Answers session in a private facebook community.
  4. 30% discount on all online courses offered by MoneyMap.

If you would like information on how, what and when to invest, please join I-MAP, the Investment Map, where we address these investors’ needs.

If interested, kindly learn more here

To your success in this financial storm!

The Money Map Team

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