‘Evolve or die’ – Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

We admit, we were biased too when we learnt that the popular rapper known as ’50 cent’ wrote a book. It is true what they say not to judge a book by its cover! This is, in no small measure, a business book you should read. He talks in simple everyday language but makes powerful insights that makes you pause and think.

The book largely shares about the business and investment decisions that the author, Curtis ’50 cent’ Jackson’ took, which helped him to be successful on the mic and off the mic. He writes about the similarities between business in the board room and ‘the streets’. But he also talks about the differences and how a savvy business person ought to identify and leverage the strengths and weaknesses of both environments.

Curtis is not shy to mention names of friends, associates and acquaintances as he uses these real life examples to show how some failed to navigate business deals with the right mindset and strategy. He talks in-depth of the now popular investment in Vitamin water before Coca Cola brand bought it; he talked about the decision to exit the music industry and the cost to build his media business.

It is interesting how Curtis Jackson was abreast of trends and financial numbers that he saw what he called ‘the writing on the wall’ and was able to make a “win-win’ offer to pivot from his label. His decision to stoop to conquer and learn from what was available to him and taking a calculated risk turned out to be very profitable.

The book takes a look at the benefits of having different types of people in his network, how he learned enough to expose him to another side of life and how that impacted him in so small measure. Sadly, Curtis also talks about how he found it to be a battle working from ‘the streets’ and trying to build something bigger and gives examples of persons who did and ended up in a less desirable place.

It was not all good as some not so stellar performances were also shared. The failure of his record label and his hip-hop group, and the vision he had for same, along side his thoughts on why , in retrospect, he thinks it failed.

The book will likely not be what you expect. There are different lessons, whoever you are. It is a must have in your library, as we reckon most of what he said will be relevant for a long time to come. Get your copy here.

The Money Map Team

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