Zero Balance by Titilope Ibilola – A book review

From being a banker who lost her job through her actions, losing money on major investments, and getting a zero [0] balance on her bank statement, this was a book we finished in one sitting!

The book is based on a real-life story of a young woman, who shares the often unsaid financial responsibilities that fall on young adults as they begin to make money. The pressure of living the ‘Lagos life’, then the expectations of not only getting married but doing so in ‘grand style’ to the ‘praise’ of blogs and society.

The book shows you how not to handle your finances in marriage, as it shares red flags we often see but do not pay attention to. Mercy, the lead character in the book, unfortunately, gets into debt to pay for the family’s lifestyles, investments and other commitments, which do not turn out as expected.

It was an emotional book as the author took us deep into her personal struggles and insecurities handling her indebtedness, how she fought to overcome the same. It is interesting to note that Mercy also looks to deliverance as the solution for her financial problems which is not uncommon in this part of the world! With the support of family and friends, a lifestyle change became inevitable and she eventually overcomes it all. But the world once again stole the rug underneath her feet with one financial mistake!

The financial lessons are explicit and implied as you read and realize that many of us, including you, could be making similar mistakes in your life too. Mercy’s story shows us the real face behind many middle-class Africans trying to climb up the financial hierarchy and the struggles and success in same.

It is a story that leaves you wanting more as the author ends with a big bang! You want to read this book. Pick up your copy here.

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