Getting ready for the future takes a lot of effort. I was talking to a friend about all the things I wanted to get done. I was too tired from all the activities in my life that needed my ‘detailed’ attention. Work, family, church, business, etc. There was just no time to prepare for the future. I was too busy in the present. Can you hear what I was saying? Can you see my ‘logic’? Can you feel the pressure I was under? Do you sometimes feel the same for you?

I am still wondering how I tried to make sense of what did not make sense. I am too busy in the present, to prepare for the future. Forgetting that the future is tomorrow and only hours away. How long, till the end of the year. And then we have that ‘HAAAAA! It’s a year already?! Times flies o!’ moment. Where did the time go? What happened last week, last month, last quarter? Can we remember what we were doing this time last year? What did we set out to achieve? Did we plan to achieve anything? Are we better now than we were then? Is it still the same thing? Are we expecting a different result with the same approach?

In similar vein, we grapple with our finances sometimes. Battling today, postponing tomorrow. Hoping somehow tomorrow will sort itself out and be ‘OK’. Sometimes, it does, Sometimes it does not. It can feel like a loosing battle easier to just ignore it. After all, today is still here.

Each day literally takes us a day closer to the end. It’s simple really, with each day; we are closer to the day we ‘pass on to Glory’. A day we do not know. Yesterday is no more. We can learn from yesterday. May I say here that there is no real value from regret, so let’s not regret yesterday and stay defeated, negative, upset and broken. Instead, can we find ‘time’ in the time we have left? To create more value in the time left?

We all only have 24hours, so we must make the time count in our favour. And to do this, there is a cost. Interesting how many things in life have a cost. What is costing you time? What is creating little or no value for you? Not in money terms alone, your sanity, your peace, your relationships, your work, ultimately costing you, the future you want and therefore, your life?

I said to my friend, ‘when I am ready, I will let you know’. She laughed, telling me I was making excuses. What! Me? I don’t make excuses, I can explain…. They are two [2] different things, right? I have legitimate reasons why I just cannot. And then it struck me. I will always have legitimate reasons to remain the way I am, to stay where I am. It is comfortable, it is stable, it is ‘secure’, I understand it well. I had to find deep motivation to get off my feet. And with that, I had to find help, which in turn led me to find creative ways to resolve my ‘present situation’ so I could create the future I wanted. And so my journey began.

And so I ask, what is stopping you from being ready?

When should you evaluate your finances in preparation for the future?

The future is tomorrow and it is almost here.

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