Seniors Now Going Back To Work

The latest data from the United Kingdom .shows that an additional 173,000 seniors (people above 65 years old) went back to work within April-June 2022, which brings brings their total to 1.47 million people.


They were forced to make this decision by the current inflationary pressure across the globe, as some people’s retirement benefit or assets can no longer absorb the general rise in price. The latest (July 2022) UK inflation figure as published earlier today shows a further rise in annual inflation from 9.4% to 10.1%. This is still attributable to the rise in energy costs and its effects on the prices of other goods and services.


This development underscores the need for having an adequate nestegg to live comfortably after our active years. Most seniors are battling one health condition or the other: Hypertension, visual impairment, Arthritis etc Therefore the decision to go back to work must have been made as a matter of compulsion and at a great personal discomfort.


Therefore we need to avoid this scenario at all costs, through deliberate savings and the use of proper investment vehicles for different economic situation. Our investments need time to grow, therefore the earlier the better. This also allows us make safe investments as against making huge but risky bets because we think time is no longer on our side. The time to act is now. You want to know the proper investments for this season ? join us here on WhatsApp for further discussions.

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