-Money Behaviour Strategist

-Certified Financial Education Instructor

-Creator, Money Behaviour Quotient [The MBQ]


-Founder, Money Map Academy


-Co founder, Nestegg Financial Planning & Consultant Ltd

-The author of the book:  21 Steps to move from Broke to more than enough.

-Daughter of a Rich Entrepreneur & Poor Entrepreneur


-Registered Real Estate Surveyor & Valuer

-Business owner





Tolu Dima-Okojie, is a Money Behaviour Strategist, a certified financial education instructor, a business owner, real estate professional,  and investor and author.

She is the founder of the Money Map Academy, a finance literacy organization, that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to build wealth independent of their business/ salary, to invest, so they can be financially free. 
Tolu is the creator of the Money Behaviour QuotientTM (The MBQ), a tool for assessing how your lifestyle is hindering you or helping you to build wealth.

Tolu works with organizations to train their teams on how to implement life changing money strategies that will increase the teams’ productivity, as team members start to connect the dots between their work and their income and reduce the financial pressures that might have hindered them from fully optimizing their income.

She has spoken and trained on various platforms including  Polaris Bank Graduate Intensive Training, UPS Logistics, MTN, GTBank, Leadway Capital, WAPCO Insurance, WIMBIZ, ARISE News, Rainbow 93.1fm. She is a course facilitator on Money & Marriage at The Elevation Church, Lekki. She has written for The Spark Magazine by BUSINESSDAY newspapers and  Access Bank’s W Community. 

Tolu is the author of the book: 21 Tips to move you from broke to more than enough. She is a member of the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK, as well as a member of WIMBIZ, NIESV, ESVARBON and Ikoyi Club 1938. She is an enthusiastic reader of diverse books and is happily married with two princesses. 


Tolu Dima-Okojie is a Money Behaviour Strategist, a certified financial education  instructor and the founder of the Money Map Academy, a finance literacy organization, that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals struggling with their personal or/and business finances, so they can  invest and become financially free. The goal is to make you financially conscious and accountable to yourself, so you can become intentional about your future, because you work too hard not to reap the rewards of your labour. 

Tolu is the creator of the Money Behaviour Quotient [The MBQ], a tool to help you identify if you are living the life of a Spendthrift, Hoarder, Mismanager or Investor, and how that lifestyle is hindering you or helping you to build wealth and consequently help you create and install the investor’s habits in your life.  This is done in the Wealth Program, a unique personal development and accountability program designed to help you identify and meet your financial goals and maximize your returns, by taking clear actions that help you change your lifestyle habits to that of a savvy investor. 

Tolu had been earning money but not enjoying the money and had little to show for it at the end of the year.  This situation led Tolu on a journey to develop herself, first training at, and then facilitating training with a finance education organization, where she got to train members of staff of PWC, First Bank, MTN and Larfarge to mention a few. She has since then, also spoken and trained on various platforms including  Polaris Bank Graduate Intensive Training, UPS Logistics, GTBank Staff Engagement Program, Leadway Capital, WAPCO Insurance, ARISE News, Rainbow 93.1fm. She is a course faciliator on Money & Marriage at The Elevation Church, Lekki.  She has written for The Spark Magazine by BUSSINESSDAY Newspaper, Access Bank’s W Community and WOFIN. 

Tolu has reached and helped hundreds of clients directly and indirectly, through her online programs, one-on-one coaching and most recently her Invest for Wealth Summit. She is passionate about  helping entrepreneurs be better with their money  so can they can stop being broke and build wealth and achieve financial freedom. She is particularly passionate about female entrepreneurs as she sees many of them making the mistakes her poor entrepreneur mum made and wants to correct this.

She is a managing partner at a prestigious real estate firm, that invests in different types of landed assets both home and abroad. The company also manages clients’ property portfolio worth over 7 billion Naira and continuously seeks to optimize the use to get maximum returns.

She graduated top of her class with First Class Honours from Covenant University Ota, Nigeria and proceeded to obtain a Masters in Management from the prestigious Imperial College, London. On returning from her master’s program, she worked at Unilever Nigeria PLC, as a Brand Manager and also worked  as a Brand Development Manager at Unilever South Africa, PTY, before resigning to pursue her passion.

Tolu is the author of the book: 21 Tips to move you from broke to more than enough. She is a member of the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK, as well as an Associate member of WIMBIZ, NIESV, ESVARBON and a member of the prestigious Ikoyi Club 1938.

She is an enthusiastic reader of diverse books and is happily married with two princesses. 


INVEST FOR WEALTH STRATEGY- How the wealthy multiply their money.


THE MONEY BEHAVIOUR QUOTIENT – Live the lifestyle of the savvy investor.


MANAGE YOUR FINANCES LIKE A PRO – How to stop being broke, eliminate your debt, save and invest your money.


FINANCIAL & INVESTMENT PLAN – Build a money plan unique for your own situation.


WOMEN & INVESTING- Can women achieve financial freedom? 


MONEY & MARRIAGE – Helping couples better understand money and how to make money work for your marriage 


TEENS, YOUNG ADULTS &  MONEY – How to be a millionaire under 30.


RETIRING SOON? – What you need to know and start doing NOW!


PERSONAL & BUSINESS FINANCES – For Enterpreneurs making money but looking for the money!

We should work together if

  •      You have ‘invested’ before and lost your money
  • You are interested in working with professionals making your money work for you.
  • You want to be a savvy investor
  • You want to learn about collaborative investing. 
  • You want to stop buying liabilities and start buying assets.
  • You want to live the life of your dreams and work towards achieving it
  • You need support to achieve your financial goals

This is not for you if

  • You are not ready to take responsibility and be accountable for your financial success or failure and are waiting for government,
  • family and friends to ‘help you’.
  • You are not open minded to a new way of managing your finances, so you can save and invest.
  • You are not able to commit to making frequent deposits towards the goal of investing in real estate but prefer to
  • buy liabilities – that take money from you.


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Money Map Academy

A finance literacy organization, that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals struggling with their finances, so they can move from broke to more than enough.

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