Real Estate remains one of the most table and time tested investments in the world and forms a percentage of almost all billionaires of the world. Why not YOU?t

The entry level of millions of Naira (or thousands of dollars)  might make it harder to start  but waiting has never made the prices  come down! 

Do you keep waiting till you ‘hammer’ or get in where you can with less N550,500?


Become a
Real Estate Co-Investor [RECO]

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Real estate prices grow, from land to actual flats and houses. But purchasing power doesn't grow as rapidly. Hedge against inflation with real estate.

Get Income

This project is focused on rental income in the short-medium term, yielding annual incomes to be paid bi-annually or quaterly.


Long term appreciation that is closed to non- real estate investors is open to you when you become an owner in RECO.


We have secured a new 2 bedroom luxury flat at Lekki Expressway for the purpose of co-ownership by our private investors.

The flat  is one of 22 units in 2 blocks in a private property development in a gated estate -Spring Valley estate. The property is literally a walking distance from the Lagos Business School and Abraham Adesanya Residential Estate.

A single 2 bedroom flat is selling for Thirty-Five Million Naira [N35,000,000] exclusive of other charges at the moment, it used to sell for about Twenty -Eight Million Naira [N28,000,000] barely only a year ago while still in off-plan state.

As this costs can be discouraging, but we still believe we can be co-owners in real estate, just like we buy shares of Dangote and Unilever on the stock Market and share in the profit. As such, we have arranged to have investors purchase a shareholding at N550,500 only inclusive to become a 1% owner of the asset.

Once 100% of subscriber is confirmed with payment, the property will no longer be available.



Earn on real estate like you would other investments by being a co-owner at The INVENT.

The Journey to Freedom

It is how people start; unfortunately, it is also how many people end their financial journey in life – dependent on others.

You have the income to cover your lifestyle needs and live a comfortable life. It is a false sense of security because it lasts as long as your expectation of the next salary or next business transaction, especially where you have one source of income. 

It is when you have money to not just live comfortably, but more than the average person. But it is not enough for you to stop working and still live this lifestyle.

It is when your investments make enough money for you to live the lifestyle you desire. You have the power to do as you please with your life. You do not have to work. You have the choice to spend your time as you wish.

Here, you are not only financially free; but you have actively planned and executed wealth transfer to the next generation. Your children can live off the income from your investments and can pass the same along to another generation, if they learn how to invest the funds.

Ready to invest with experts?


To get access to information on what to invest and why you should invest.

your enrollment fee is N50,000 ($100).

For a limited time, there is a 50% discount, so you join with N25,000 per annum while this offer is valid.

(The offer will  change without notice!)

What Our Clients Have to Say

I got clarity about money and I knew exactly what do with money. Money stopped controlling me and I started controlling money. I had plans for every Naira spent, saved and invested. I separated my personal finance from my business finance. I generated another stream of income for myself to meet my expenses and I finally was able to go on a holiday. I now UNDERSTAND money.
Mrs Jojo
Before I met the team, I had a lot of issues with my finances. Since working with them, I have become more intentional about my money as a businesswoman, as I was not paying attention to it. Now, I have begun saving after building my cushion funds and started investing!!! I did not think I could invest yet but I was shown the ropes that make it possible for anybody to start from where they are.
Mrs Joy
I have been investing and thankful because I was scared but got a good grasp of what I was doing with help from the team. I recommend them.
I have been working with the team for a while now and have been the better for it. I now actively invest in the financial markets, real estate and now I am delving into businesses. I knew I needed help and the team came through helping me with the ropes of Investing. I owe you plenty!
South Africa

This is for you if :

  •     You have ‘invested’ before but lost your money because you were not sure what to look out for in real estate.

    You are interested in making your money work for you so you can be financially free.


    You are interested in learning and investing  with potentially like-minded people?


    You want to learn about investment opportunities that are affordable as they become available.


    You want to be connected to investment experts who manage the project and give you reports on the property.


    You want to earn from rental income and capital appreciation

This is NOT for you if :

  •     You are not ready to take responsibility and be accountable for your financial success or failure and are waiting for government, family and friends.
    You are not open-minded to a new way of investing with what you have now but hoping for more money tomorrow to buy a mansion.
  •    You are looking for a get rich quick scheme with low risk and high returns in a short time. 
    You think real estate is risky and prefer only savings accounts.
    You are looking for the church or government or President to give you all the guarantees. 

Join us HERE if you are ready to invest

Join now at N555,500 while available.


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Yes, it does. Please see pictures and videos of site update. 

The property is due for completion in 3 months for the finishing works and thereafter put on the market for lease.

You renew your membership 12 months from when you joined, to continue to have access to the community, to investment opportunities as they arise, the library of resources, guest speakers’ sessions,  etc.  

As long as you are interested investing and stay committed to implementing the information and guidance offered,  we are confident that you will get value as you make better informed investment decisions, as well as seeing significant changes to your money behaviour.

YES! That is the goal, to get you investing right away!

No, is not invested. It is an administrative/ membership fee renewable every year. 

You can join at any time!

No, it is not but is available at a separate service. Please send an email to request for this.

For as long as you are a paying member, you have access.  Once you dont renew your membership, you lose 

Once you receive your log in details, you can assess it on your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere in the world.

In the community, we discuss different investment options available to you, starting with as low as N5,000 into millions of Naira. So you decide how much you are interested in an opportunity.

Yes, refunds are available for new members if requested within 24hours of payment. After 24hours for existing members, refunds are not possible owing to the nature of the resources being digital. Once a refund is demanded, access will be withdrawn. 

More Testimonials

God knows how my hands has made and touched money. But making money is good but investing money and multiplying it is better! My goal was to become an investor and create a stream of income for every expense category. So that I can live my dream lifestyle, I had to work with Tolu. Once I see alert... I call her... because left to me I am already on a plane to Seychelles! By the time she asks 2, 3 questions... my money finds its squareroot! By the 4th question I remember all the important reasons I need to monitor my money mindset. You always send me relevant investment opportunities tailor based on our discussions, I know I will not be poor again!
Remi Owadokun
Overall, I was somewhat comfortable with my finances even though I knew I wanted more money. Tolu has a wealth of knowledge and super practical ideas that have helped me to start making immediate changes regarding my finances. She has helped me get started on the path to becoming a matured investor that builds and manages a diverse financial portfolio with the aim of building and multiplying wealth. I have started establishing the right financial habits to move me towards this goal. I was able to get a pretty good road map of immediate steps to start taking to build the future I desire.
Mrs Dami
Money Map Academy

A finance literacy organization, that helps entrepreneurs and business professionals struggling with their finances, so they can move from broke to more than enough.

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