Cautious Investor

What is this person saying?

‘Let me just try o’, but their eye is still on their capital and don’t want or really expect to lose it.’

You are a cautious investor with some understanding of the investment market. You prefer to skew your investment in favour of a little more return with just a little more risk.

As such, you are happy to accept a slightly higher level of risk in return for the potential to outperform the risk-free rates.  This investment might sometimes, require illiquidity in the nature of the investment. But it more likely will protect your capital against inflation. 

This portfolio is suitable for investors seeking an investment with a return that can match or beat inflation.

Capital may or may not be guaranteed, though you may prefer for it to be guaranteed or insured

Note though, the investor may at times buy individual investments that entail even greater risk as an ‘experiment’ but this may likely occur later in the investor’s learning curve.

Suggested investments are those that carry little risk but higher returns includes well-rated corporate bonds, state bonds and commercial papers, mutual-funds, e.t.c

Please note, the above diagram is only an example of how this investor profile could allocate resources and is not a recommendation.

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