Aggressive Investor

What is this person saying?

‘I am ready to lose it all for the opportunity to get significantly high returns’

You are an experienced or sophisticated investor. The security of capital is secondary to the pursuit of high investment returns and that drives the investments you take on.

This aggressive portfolio is suitable if seeking a very high return. You are prepared to invest for a long term and ride out extended periods of negative returns provided that may benefit from higher returns.

Your portfolio will comprise almost solely of growth or/and high-income yielding assets and you are happy to accept the extreme risks involved in same.

This portfolio is a speculative portfolio.

There is significantly high uncertainty in these investments, unlike any other.

This is an investor who are prepared to accept large losses, even up to the value of the total amount invested and are generally willing to buy investments or/and enter into contracts that may be difficult to sell or close for an extended period or have an uncertain realizable value at any given time.

Sometimes, this investor is prepared to put their entire funds at risk and may even be required to provide additional capital to make up for portfolio losses beyond the amount initially invested, or have an uncertain realizable value at any given time.

It is not typically recommended to put all of one’s money in aggressive investments as most investors here have an alternative income source but it is not uncommon to have some persons go on in, depending on their personal circumstances.

The recommended minimum investment term is seven years. Suggested investments are those that carry the greatest risk but higher returns includes convertible debt or private equity in start-ups, crypto currencies, venture capital, hedge funds, investing in other countries, e.t.c.

Please note, the above diagram is only an example of how this investor profile could allocate resources and is not a recommendation.

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