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Never Lose Fortunes to the Stock Market Again

We are well aware that many of the world’s richest people came by their money when  their businesses listed on the stock exchange. From Mark Zuckerberg to Warren Buffet and Elon Musk; and they continue to grow as their businesses continue to do well and make money for themselves and other shareholders. 

The biggest beneficiaries are those who have stayed the course with such businesses by investing and holding for the mid-long term. But how can you spot such businesses doing well so you can join them and become a shareholder and partaker in their financial successes? 

DROPS 2 OCEAN‘ program was created with this financial goal in mind, to people people turn what they have [drops] into an ocean, a nest egg to support their future financial plans; because it is important to start where you are! In Drops 2 Ocean,  you get support from experts on opportunities to invest in the stock market, both local and abroad,  both downturn and boom markets. We understand you do not have the time, information and expertise to make an informed decision and this is where ‘DROPS 2 OCEAN’ comes in. We support with the information on recommendations made to you.

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Drops to Ocean is a unique wealth building solution through investments in high quality stocks. This solution is based on the time tested investment strategy of finding investment opportunities in companies that are well run and are able to double or triple their earnings  for the next decades.

We allow our net worth to grow  as the company grows , by not trading in and  out of our positions just because  prices move up or down today. We however, watch our investment closely  to ensure that factors that informed our initial investments remain valid and relevant. By doing so , we are able to leverage the growth trajectory  of the amazing companies in our portfolio and turn our tiny drops to ocean. 

Drop to Ocean is a community based solution that enables members to share knowledge, learn from investment experts  and promote commitment to the overall investment  goal.

  • Subscribers will make periodic contributions to designated  stockbroker(s)  or  investment platforms  and make investments based on the findings from research and reviews in  the community.
  • Subscribers will not sell their investment for a minimum period of 5 years, except where there is a threat to the company’s  solvency.
  • Investments are held in subscriber’s personal account, but reports of investment activities are made available  to the community managers for performance review and accountability.
  • Members receive weekly newsletters with highlights of developments in the financial markets, both local and global.
  • A one-off private session on goal setting  with investment experts, within  the first two weeks of enrollment .
  • At least one Research Report on targeted  companies per month
  • Access to complete stock investment course 
  • Access to Investment forum for conversations 
  • Quarterly Performance Review  in aggregate terms.

Ready to invest with Drops 2 Ocean ?


To invest and learn with the Drops 2 Ocean community,  your enrollment fee is a discounted N20,000 per year.

For a limited time, members of Balancing Life & Money whatsapp community can enjoy 80% discount, 

so you join with N20,000 per annum while this offer is valid. 

(The offer will  change without notice !)

August , 2022


  • You make payment with the ‘JOIN NOW’ button.
  • You will get an email with links to join the mailing list for receiving exclusive  information on stock investment, webinars and courses on juicy opportunities to get in on. 
  • Once you get the information or/and notification on a product, you have the option to conduct further due diligence and make a purchase. 
  • Our recommendation is to plan to hold the stock for the mid-long term so you can get the most of your money. 
  • Please note, this program is not for speculators or traders; only real investors please.

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