Get Your Accounting Statement Right Today

In this course, you will learn how to prepare and understand your financial statement.

What You Will Learn


You will understand accounting statements records easily.


You will learn how to build a Balance Sheet


Learn how to build an Income Statement


You will learn how to account for the difference between income and cash

Expert Reviews

What I learnt about the presentation is the simplicity. The financial languages were not too many. I learnt that I must do my analysis of how much I bought a product, how much to sell, deduct operational cost to arrive at profit. This has been a concern but will start one step at a time. I now know that I should not see revenue as profit. Lastly, I must record all my financial transactions.
M. Adewale
1. Thanks a lot. What I like was the fact that the lessons were simple, down to earth and easy to understand. It didn’t feel like a rocket science. I also learnt that I must save for the rainy days’ aka downtimes in my boom times. Most importantly, I learnt that I should always keep records. When I keep records, I’m able to monitor what comes in and what goes out. That way I will be more certain I’m making profit or running at a loss. Also, I’ve learnt to pay myself a salary no matter how small. I heard Mrs. Ibukun Awosika share the story about how she had ensured that TFD got a financial manager and get a salary. So, hearing it from you again just affirms it.
K. Yemi

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